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When the other kids found out, they were kind of weird at first, but I feel pretty lucky because I was accepted. I don't want to go on about it, but I basically wouldn't leave my room, and I was unemployed for quite a while, and it became a cycle of, um, one leading into the other.There are people in the world who get killed for that stuff." When it came to telling her parents, "I didn't for, like, a year, and when I finally did, because I broke up with my girlfriend, I was really scared. ' "Barnett's desire to wring resonance from the seemingly mundane was already in place at the University of Tasmania, where she first wanted to be a fine-art photographer ("I was attracted to Nan Goldin realism: images of people doing their thing"). I just couldn't see the point in anything — that's what it always came back to."She talks about her brain as if it were a machine she can't turn off, for better or worse.But after two unsatisfying years, she dropped out, deciding to focus on music-making, and decamped to Melbourne. She recalls trying to meditate not long ago, on the encouragement of Cloher.Barnett says she has suffered from clinical depression, and around this time her condition was at its worst. "I got so angry and frustrated from it, because I couldn't stop thinking, and you're supposed to clear your head of thoughts."What Barnett learned to do, with time, was accept, rather than suppress, the overthinking part of herself: filling journals with ruminations and drawings, then mining those pages for material, shaping her sprawling entries into her slightly less sprawling verses, then setting them to guitar."I was pretty good at doing the bullshitting salespeople can do," she says. If they were rude and obviously rich, I'd tell them what they wanted to hear.

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"We were playing a show once, and I called our openers a bunch of sick cunts — that might have been a mistake. ("I don't have a lot of clothes," Barnett says.) Pinned to the pocket is a button announcing her solidarity with the Friends of Leadbeater's Possum, an endangered Australian marsupial.

Records that Barnett founded in her bedroom, and in addition to the label, Barnett has played alongside Cloher as a guitarist and duettist.

Well after Barnett's career took off, she still held on to her job tending bar at Northcote Social Club, a local spot where she and her friends perform a lot — she finally let it go, albeit with the reluctance of someone who knows the misery of being broke and is all too afraid that it might happen again.

This is the touring life of one of rock's most beguiling young stars and deftest lyricists.

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Barnett, 27, is a master of small-bore observations that smudge the line between profundity and banality, set atop swaggering garage riffs.The geographies Barnett narrates in most songs are tiny — drinking wine with friends in a living room; regarding cracks in a plaster wall with the interpretive scrutiny of a palm reader; riding the Epping mass-transit line in Melbourne.