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Many successful pairs feature a serif typeface with a sans serif typeface or an outspoken voice with a neutral one.You can mix big and small, light and dark, round and sharp.Try everything, but make sure to designate distinct roles for each face — headline, body copy, caption, etc.Doing so will enable readers to deduce order of importance on the page so they’ll know what to read first (and last). Take a look at differences in weight, scale, spacing, and texture.Because each was designed with the other in mind, text occupies the same line length and height no matter which face is used; this means either can take the lead as a headline and you can mix them together seamlessly.

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One of the simplest techniques for combining typefaces is to pair typefaces that belong to the same superfamily.Let’s take a look at two pairing possibilities using “Gaboscegqtf” and talk about why they do and don’t work. Both are small, serif text faces that lean forward horizontally and have slightly-inclined crossbars (see the lowercase letter ? They share a fairly high x-height and mix pointy edges with curved terminals.But, you can see that when the two typefaces are used together, it’s very hard to tell the difference.Pairing with contrast can reinforce visual hierarchy, eliminate monotony, and add balance to the overall page.

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Too much contrast can be jarring, so opt for just a few points of difference.

But, if we look at Rooney and Skolar, we can see how pairing with look alikes can be seamless and also add pep to the page.