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The film cartridge slots into the back with ease and is ready to go after one click of the shutter button to process the first blank sheet.A tiny green light provides the only evidence that you're ready to go - there's just a basic optical viewfinder to peer through, and no LCD screen to guide you.Review The news that Polaroid has a new instant camera, after we thought it was done with all that frivolity, is likely to be greeted with squeals of nostalgic joy.While digital is superior in almost every sense there's a real warmth about those 80s prints that we remember adorning fridges and noticeboards.Available in blue, red or black, it's a pleasingly curvaceous and chunky design. There's a dial on the top with four settings - indoor/dark, cloudy, fine and clear.With no manual shutter or aperture controls to be found – what you've got is what you get.By early 1972, Kodak had settled on a particular embodiment that was called the Lanyard Camera.

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Though Kodak was dismayed by the formidable challenge posed by the new system, it was even more determined, under the leadership of its new president, Walter Fallon, to retreat from its current position well down the wrong road toward its goal of competing with Polaroid.The Polaroid 300 (tsk, these unwieldy techie names) takes you straight back to your childhood, making a spontaneity-encouraging break from all that DSLR refinement.