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28-Nov-2017 19:27

There’s even an iconic John Waters quote about it, so I know I’m in good company.

“I started dating a finance bro for the first time in my life — and of course he owned precisely zero books. Because he didn’t read, he had no inner life whatsoever. He was also way too conservative and seemed threatened by opposing points of view.

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But what if deep down you already know that this person and this relationships is not right for you.

– It can also be that you feel that this is as good as it’s ever going to get for you.

That you don’t deserve any better or perhaps you’ve never known any better.

READ ALSO: “There are two types of 90s kids in this world: the ones who learned their worldview from ‘Friends’ and the ones who learned it from ‘Seinfeld.’ “The ‘Friends’ people are lovable, but sort of simple, like golden retrievers.

They are more earnest and real and nonjudgmental, but they’re also not very analytical. They take everything at face value and they don’t dig deeper to understand people who are different from them.

I told myself to stop being a snob and give a him a chance. So what seemed like a snobby, nitpicky personal preference for me actually went way deeper than that.” – Taylor The takeaway: It’s okay to stand by dating rules that might seem arbitrary to some people.