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For over 60 fun-filled years, these programs have made us cheer as we share victories and mourn defeats.The following is a list of the Top Ten Game Show Moments, ranked in order of awesomeness. He was taken down by Nancy Zerg (who would place last the following day) on a relatively easy Business and Industry question.And in case you’re wondering, it is as awkward as you think it is.During their first romantic encounter in the buff on the beach, the pair confess that they don’t know where to look but make a great effort to keep their eyes above neck level.The first virgin to appear on a naked dating show, the thought of baring her body literally made her sick and she later left the island.After striking out twice Greg realized that the third time’s the charm when he met Tess, a woman who finally got his sense of humor and didn’t mind his alleged small package (Ashley’s words, not ours).) before choosing who they want to spend their last day in the naked jungle with.

Believe it or not dating naked actually works, and Alika and Ashley ended up getting married a few weeks ago, and their Dating Naked special will air September 18th.I am the one that is being picky about it, and I’d rather be picky and really think about it because this could potentially be the father of my children," she told Yahoo7 Entertainment."My personality in general intimidates men, but not only men, I’m also quite intimidating to women," she said. Loann and Joel have gone down as the dating show's most fun-loving - and boozy - couple. " she said."Posse, like clique," she continued, even though saying it more times was definitely not making the situation any less cringe-worthy.The pair quickly got people talking with their multiple tequila shots. Little did he knows things were about to get much worse."I've got a good posse. Cam, the friendliest bartender that ever lived It's no secret that Cam was a fan favourite on the show - and boy, was he forced to put up with a lot!She also made a rather awkward confession about not wanting children - "Children are evil and I don’t need them in my life" - only to have Joel reveal he had a five-year-old son. Whether it be the most awkward conversations to ever exist (thank you, Bex) or having to deal with overly-flirty daters, Cam was without a doubt a highlight for many First Dates viewers."Those people were nervous and I think they just wanted a friend as well.

The most awkward thing ever said to anyone ever While waiting for her date, 30-year-old Kiwi/Brit/Aussie Bex struck up a friendly conversation with the restaurant's bartender."It’s a first date, so I’m a little bit nervous. They want to date, and there's romance in the air," he said. Here's hoping we meet again in the very near future...episode we met flower child Ashley and Greg, the former professional fighter with the dry sense of humor, two singles with absolutely nothing in common with each other, but were still able to find their match.

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