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09-Sep-2017 14:22

In such cases all actions for those edit selectors will be combined and executed in the order in which they're given on the command line.An attachment selector is used with the two actions --replace-attachment and --delete-attachment. It sets the segment title and modifies the language code of an audio and a subtitle track.The next time you open a file or a link, it will directly open up in the selected default app. Then it writes those modifications to the existing is just opening the Windows internet settings dialog. The linked article is referring to Windows XP, where the Programs tab shows the dropdowns for each application type.Under Windows 7 this moved to the I'm using Windows 7.

You can change default app settings for Launcher, Dialer, Messaging, Browser, Camera, Gallery, Music and Email.Note that this example can be shortened by leaving out the first --edit option because editing the segment information element is the default for all options found before the first --edit option anyway.