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26-Aug-2017 15:43

When Seeta was abandoned by Rama, she came to Valmiki’s hermitage.Therefore Valmiki could gather a lot of information from her. does not want to believe, then how could it believe in the existence of Jesus and Mohamad Paigambar? declared holiday on the birth date of Mohamad, which is not known to any book, historical or other.The planetary references in Valmiki Ramayana were actually seen from the given latitudes and longitudes around 5100bc and these matched sequentially. The book no doubt gets little boring as it progresses,but its of good help and provides better information. The book was an eye-opener and a great source of learning.It helps connect the youth of today with a deeper understanding of our beginning.As the name suggests the book provides the readers with scientific evidences about the Ramayana and the Vedas.

This is, undoubtedly, an invaluable piece of Research.

This slaps on the face the Chief Minister who asked 'which engineering college did Sri Rama take his degree from'.

However, one doubt still remains about the historicity is that 'all these proofs prove the historicity of Valmiki, but are not 100% proof for Sri Rama'. J Abdul kalam in which he talks about the past meeting the present leading to a better future. Histority of Vedic and Ramayan Eras lets you to explore the ancient facts and history with a whole new scientific approach.

The imaginary characters are not at all referred to by other books.

For example, Tarzan and Sherlock Homes are not at all referred to by other authors.

This statement is agonizing because there is ample evidence in the Valmiki Ramayana to prove that it is history.

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